Why Am I Finding Spiders Around My Houston Home?


Spiders! You probably hate them, and if you do, we don’t blame you. There is something off-putting about these eight-legged creatures, and there’s an instinctual reaction that most human beings have to spiders. But, despite their dangerous reputation, most spiders in Houston aren’t that dangerous. The majority of spiders that invade homes or yards are relatively harmless, but there are a couple of exceptions. Discover more about dealing with spiders in the area and how to prevent them with spider control services.

Why Spider Problems Are Common For Houston Homeowners

Spiders are pests you’ve probably seen around at some point, but you might wonder why they are so prevalent. The main reason spiders are such frequent home invaders is because they follow around their prey. Spiders don’t need to get into your home searching for shelter, but they require small insects to eat. The more bugs you have around your property, the more likely you will end up with a spider infestation.

What Attracts Spiders To Houston Homes

While other pests in Houston are attracted to homes that provide shelter or food sources like crumbs and spills, spiders mostly come around while hunting their prey. They tend to thrive in areas with a lot of clutter and places to hide. Spiders are generally secretive, and they want to avoid humans as much as we want to avoid them. Most spiders can be found around yards under mulch, in woodpiles, or in outbuildings. Spiders are often found in the backs of closets or around dark, cluttered areas when they get inside.

How To Prevent Spiders From Entering Your Home

Now that you know what attracts spiders to your Houston home, it’s a great time to implement spider prevention measures. Our experts at H-Town Home Services recommend following these five steps:

  1. Focus on removing factors that attract insects. You should keep kitchens clean and put lids on garbage cans.

  2. Store firewood and lumber at least 30 feet away from the exterior of your house; many spiders, including the black widow spider, like to hide in woodpiles. 

  3. Clean up clutter inside your home and around your yard and remove organic debris like leaf piles and grass clippings. 

  4. Get rid of old spider webs under the eaves and in the corner of ceilings and garages. 

  5. Reach out to Houston pest control experts for more assistance.

While you can reduce the risk of a spider problem by following these steps, the simplest way to deter spiders is with ongoing pest control.

The Benefits Of Getting Professional Pest Control For Spiders

Spiders are common pests, and to keep them away; you also have to implement general home pest control. So, the simplest way to remove these arachnids and their pest prey is to contact our professionals at H-Town Home Services. We can keep spiders away and remove current spider infestations from your home. Learn more about how to have a spider-free home by giving us a call today.

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