What Is The Most Effective Termite Control For My Houston Home?


Seeking professional pest control in Houston is the best way to shield your property from critters. Wood-destroying insects like termites are some of the worst to encounter; they hide out of view for long periods. You probably won't see them because they're usually down in soil or inside structures. When evidence of termite damage finally surfaces, the situation could be difficult.

Termites cost the American people $5 billion every year, a cost not solely attributed to treatments alone; it includes deterrence measures and restoration efforts. Insurance plans often don't encompass coverage for these bugs. With that in mind, you should learn the signs of termites inside your house to be ahead of peak disasters. Find out what to do when there are issues, and how H-Town Home Services can be of service.

What Do Termites Look Like?

There are multiple types of termites, but three-part colonies are a common denominator. Most workers in the city are 0.12 of an inch long and white or grayish-white. As their name denotes, they labor with wood steadily. Soldiers live up to their title as well, guarding them against threats.

They're yellow-brown and have rectangular heads with thick mandibles. Swarmers fly from nests to procreate and shape new cocoons. They're 0.50 of an inch long and brown, yellow, or black. Lights pull them in, so the insects are likely to be around windows and fixtures. 

How Much Damage Can Termites Do To My House?

The strength of your bases, floors, and walls can dwindle under a termite infestation. Look for signs of termites inside your house, like:

  • Swarmers fluttering by

  • Finding shed swarmer wings

  • Discovering loads of fecal frass in proximity to the maze patterns, mud tubes, and holes of termites

  • Having hollow-sounding walls 

  • Hearing rustling and clicking from behind foundations

  • Observing that paint is expanding and chipping

  • Noticing that drywall is drooping and off-color

  • Tiles freeing and floorboards squeaking 

  • Window frames and doors that are hard to close

These are all essential alarm signals to receive professional care for termites.

How Can I Prevent Termites From Infesting My Home?

Many homeowners figure that retail insecticides and baits for termites will be effective. They also might try natural "remedies," such as vinegar applications, boric acid, or orange oil. Sometimes people attempt to expose affected wood to the sun.

None of these options have proven helpful with an infestation, even if several bugs die. Other issues with these approaches are price and toxicity. In both areas, the level can be steep. It's best to have the help of experts who can accurately label species and employ a suitable treatment.

Here are preventative actions that can truly make a difference:

  • Remove wood that is ruined or rotting. 

  • Repair moisture defects and leaks right away. Start with those dampening wood.

  • Seal cracks and crevices in utility lines, foundations, and caulk.

  • Attach screens on each exterior door.

  • Wash out your vents and gutters on a routine basis.

  • Sit plants and wood two feet away from the property.

  • Never let loose wood, like fire logs, touch the ground soil.

  • Cut the grass and trim greenery regularly.

If you have inspections annually, you'll increase the chances of catching evidence of termite damage early. Susceptibilities on your land and any bug activity will be detected as well.

What's The Best Way To Protect My House From Termites?

Based on all of this information, independent methods will falter. We at H-Town Home Services have reliable residential pest control solutions. Our high-quality tools and treatments are affordable, but most of all, they're safe. Reach out to us today!

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