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Common Pest Identification & Prevention In Houston, TX

Insects, spiders, and other pests live all around us and often end up in our houses. The following guide will provide information about our area's most common pests and how to make your property less attractive to them!


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Ants thrive in the Houston area; our warm temperatures allow them to remain active throughout the year. Ants are a common sight in our yards and can find their way into our homes at any time of the year. What makes ants so difficult to control and keep out of our homes is that they are small in size, invade in large numbers, multiply quickly, and work as a team to ensure the success of their colony.

In our region, the most common ants to drive homeowners mad are carpenter ants, crazy ants, fire ants, ghost ants, raspberry ants, and little black ants. All are attracted to our property because they provide them with their basic needs, including access to food. Once they detect a potential food source, these pests invade indoor and outdoor spaces in large numbers. At the first sign of ants on your property, you need to act quickly and partner with a professional to stop the invasion before it takes over! 

Implement the following prevention tips to keep ants out of your home:

  • Regularly wipe down cabinets, counters, and tables to remove crumbs and sticky spills.
  • Keep tight lids on all trash cans and recycling bins.
  • Regularly vacuum and mop your home's floors.
  • Repair damage to your home's exterior that can provide entry points.

If you need help ridding your property of ants, reach out to us today. 


cockroach on blue pipes

Cockroaches are opportunistic and adaptable, two reasons why these pests are so difficult to control. Unfortunately for people, our properties offer cockroaches the things they need not just to survive but to thrive, such as food, water, and shelter! Having cockroaches in our homes is a nightmare for any Houston area homeowner. These pests pose many dangers, including spreading bacteria and disease-causing pathogens, contaminating food, and triggering allergies and asthma attacks.

If you ever spot a cockroach scurrying across a surface of your home, it is important to note that where there is one, there are hundreds more lurking nearby. Cockroaches that regularly find their way into our Texas homes include American cockroaches, German cockroaches, tree cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, and smokey brown cockroaches. The best way to identify the species, discover how they are entering your home, treat them, and eliminate an infestation, is to partner with a local professional.

Implement the following prevention tips to keep cockroaches out of your home:

  • Keep lids on trash cans, pick up uneaten pet food, and store your family's food in the fridge or containers with airtight lids.

  • Inspect deliveries and secondhand items for hitchhiking cockroaches before bringing them inside.

  • Inspect your home's exterior and seal any openings in its exterior that you discover.

The best way to prevent problems with cockroaches is to partner with H-Town Home Services and implement regular home pest control services.


big mosquito on a person

Mosquitoes have tiny grey or black bodies and, like other types of flies, one pair of wings. They also have an elongated, straw-like mouthpart (proboscis) used to feed on their primary food source, nectar. Females use their proboscis to feed on the blood of their warm-blooded animal hosts and require blood meals to create viable eggs. Mosquitoes live and breed outdoors. When in our yards, they spend their time biting you and your pets, resting in your yard's vegetation, and laying their eggs in areas of standing water.

Though mosquitoes are considered summertime pests, they are more of a year-round threat in Houston. Our warm temperatures allow these biting, blood-feeding pests to remain active and build large, difficult to manage populations. Keeping these tiny flies at bay is important because not only are they annoying, but they deliver itchy bites and transmit diseases and parasites to people and animals.

Implement the following prevention tips to reduce mosquitoes numbers on your property:

  • Keep your grass cut short and cut back overgrown shrubbery and trees to mitigate resting spots.
  • Get rid of low-lying areas that can allow rainwater to collect.
  • Store containers that can collect water upside down when not being used. 
  • Remove debris from your yard that could be allowing standing water to build up.

If you need help controlling mosquitoes, reach out to us today.


scorpion in a glass

Scorpions are adept hunters and, like other predators, help control nuisance pest populations. Scorpions living in Texas often find their way onto our properties because our yards, gardens, and houses provide a home for the insects they like to feed on and shelter for the scorpions themselves. They also have high moisture needs, so leaky pipes and outdoor fixtures offer them reliable water sources.

The long segmented tail that curves over a scorpion's body has a stinger at its end that delivers painful, venom-filled stings. Sharing your yard or home with scorpions is never a good idea because of their ability to sting and inject people with their potent venom. Scorpions prefer to live outside but often move into homes following their insect prey or in an effort to find a dark, cool place to hang out. If a scorpion's basic needs are met, they won't hesitate to turn your house into their permanent residence.

Implement the following prevention tips to keep scorpions out of your home:

  • Eliminate standing water from in and around your house that will provide scorpions with the moisture they need to survive. 

  • Clear away brush, leaf piles, and other debris from your property that provides scorpions with hiding spots on your property. 

  • Seal cracks or gaps discovered around windows or doors and in your foundation or exterior walls that provide entry points. If you need professional help ridding your property of scorpions, reach out today.


house spider on the floor

Spiders are predators that feed on insects and other spiders. They are well-known creatures that play an important role in many books, movies, and most importantly, the ecosystem! A spider's feeding habits help stop garden pests and other problematic pests from taking over outdoor spaces.

Spiders have become common household pests because they thrive in our backyards which offer them easy access to food, water, and shelter. Spiders prefer to live outside but regularly travel into our homes, following their insect prey or searching for a sheltered spot to lay their eggs. Once inside, spiders quickly make themselves at home, and as long as there are insects for them to hunt, they will stay. Spiders are living creatures that we can't live without but don't want to live either!

Implement the following prevention tips to keep spiders out of your Houston home:

  • Seal gaps in its exterior walls and under doors, place weatherstripping around windows and doors, and repair damaged trim. 

  • Regularly vacuum and dust your home to dislodge and remove hiding spiders. 

  • Avoid attracting the insects to your property that spiders eat by keeping lids on trash cans and maintaining outdoor eating areas and gardens. 

  • For professional help controlling spiders on your property, reach out today.


big termite up close

Texas is a part of the country where termites thrive. In our area, we have to guard our properties against several types of termites, including Formosan termites and southeastern subterranean termites. Termites are tricky pests to identify and eliminate because they spend their lives largely out of our sight. They live either under the ground or within the pieces of wood they are feeding on.

Termites are wood-eating pests that, when they find their way onto our properties, cause extensive and expensive damage to trees, wooden structures, and the structural integrity of our homes. Another cause for concern when it comes to termites is that some, like Formosan termites, are attracted to wet or water-damaged wood. If termites have made themselves at home on your property, you may have a moisture problem on your property that you need to address.

Implement the following prevention tips to keep termites out of your home:

  • Fix leaky pipes, faucets, or fixtures inside or outside your home.

  • Ventilate crawl spaces.

  • Remove fallen trees, tree stumps, and old fences from your property. 

  • Inspect newly purchased wooden flooring, furniture, trim and other items for signs of termites.

  • Have a professional perform a regular termite inspection.

Termites are pests that you can't ignore. Take action against them with the help of a professional.

Partner with H-Town Home Services to solve your Houston area property's pest problems. We are a local pest control company dedicated to our customers and community and providing the most effective and affordable pest control services in Houston possible. Call today for information about our high-quality home or commercial pest control solutions!

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