The Best Way To Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation In Your Houston Home


Houston is a fantastic location with plenty of attractions, good weather, and excellent food. However, pests like ants like to invade homes frequently, so that requires regular pest control treatments.

Whether you maintain a yard and pool or live in a multi-unit dwelling, ants can become a significant problem if you have an infestation. Thankfully, a trusted Houston pest control company can help resolve this issue.

Characteristics Of Common Ants

Everything is bigger in Texas, it seems, including the laundry list of ants you’re likely to come across in your home. Get to know more about different types of ants in Houston and their characteristics.

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  • The Fire Ant - They are ruddy-brown, typically stay outdoors, and have a reputation for their painful sting. They are aggressive, have a double pedicel, and can trigger allergic reactions. 

  • Carpenter Ants - You’ll notice this insect is black and shiny and has a large mandible for chewing on wooden fences and utility poles. Also, this ant might nest around rotting wood or hide in porches or windowsills.

  • Crazy Ants - These ants are usually dark brown and move about quickly in an erratic or “crazy” manner. You might discover crazy ants in Houston around your electronics, so take caution.

Other ants you might have in your home include the pharaoh ant, the odorous ant, the Argentine ant, and the pavement ant. Some ants will forage for resources inside your home, while others might nest close by outdoors. Ant sightings on your property might seem harmless at first, but an ant infestation is a nightmare situation you shouldn’t wait to address.

The Many Problems Ants Can Create In Your Home

Because ants are social creatures that work together in an organized colony, it’s easy for them to create mayhem in your home. Here are some concerns that require seeking ant control.

Ants can get into your kitchen cupboard, trash, and other areas where food and moisture are available. They contaminate food and spread disease via cross-contamination from bacteria or pathogens on their body.

When pests like fire ants sting you because they feel threatened, such ant stings can trigger an allergic response. Carpenter ants can damage wooden structures like window frames, walls, and doors. They can weaken the structural integrity of a building and leave piles of wood shavings in their wake.

If you want effective ant control in your home, call a professional pest control company in Houston. You can trust the family-owned and operated company, H-Town Pest Control, for ant prevention and treatment solutions.

Five Practical Ant Prevention Tips For Around The House

Before Houston pests like ants become a severe problem in your home, try scheduling routine pest control ant treatments for maintenance and follow helpful tips.

Consider doing the following to deter ants:

  1. Seal off access points to your home, like cracks and crevices around your doors, windows, walls, and foundation.

  2. Remove sources of moisture. Don’t leave standing water around, wipe surfaces dry in kitchens and bathrooms, and fix leaking plumbing.

  3. Use a natural insect repellent like peppermint oil on surfaces to discourage ants from hanging around. Use this for organic ant control for your home.

  4. Keep your home clean, reduce clutter, and don’t leave food around for ants to forage.

  5. Ensure the porch, yard, and surrounding area outside your home are tidy. Don’t leave rotting leaves, wood piles, or debris that attract ants. Mow your lawn and trim shrubbery and trees.

Taking ant prevention into your own hands using simple methods is a good start. It also helps to schedule monthly or annual Houston home pest control for ants with H-Town Pest Control to keep ants away.

The Most Effective Ant Control For Your Home

Ants are incredibly resilient and organized insects that survive in colonies. Because some of the pests in Houston can be dangerous if threatened, like the fire ant, take caution if you are unsure of the ants on your property.

The friendly, experienced technicians at H-Town Pest Control are ready to take your call and help with ant infestation and removal. We proudly offer residential and commercial pest control in Houston and offer organic and non-organic treatments. Don’t delay! Call H-Town Pest Control, the best pest control company for ants, for a free inspection.

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