Addressing Crazy Ants In Houston


Crazy ant control in Houston is essential if you want to protect your property from this nightmare pest. Trust and utilize ant control tips provided by Houston pest control experts to identify and remove infestations of crazy ants on your property. 

What Does A Crazy Ant Look Like?

Crazy ants, also known as raspberry crazy ants or tawny ants, are dark brown to black in color. They don’t grow larger than approximately 2.2mm to 3mm in length and have long antennae with twelve segments. Crazy ants have elongated legs, giving them a somewhat distinct appearance compared to other ant species. They are known for their ability to survive inside and outside human structures.

Crazy ants are notoriously difficult to control due to their larger colony sizes and tend to forage for food long distances from their original colony. Without professional ant pest control, this insect can quickly run wild over your property and cause numerous issues.

Why Are They Called Crazy Ants?

Crazy ants in Houston earn their name from the wildly erratic way that they walk. While most ant species will walk in straight lines and leave behind straightforward trails for other ants in their colony to follow, crazy ants move in a more zig-zag fashion. Crazy ants will run back and forth and may even run across humans, with seemingly no method to their madness.

Furthermore, crazy ants are attracted to electricity, in addition to the typical ant attractants of easy food and water access. This ant species will invade electrical boxes, generators, or other warm electrical equipment, causing problems and electrical shorts as their colonies grow. 

To avoid these problems, you should trust H-Town Home services to provide effective ant control, safely removing this pest from your property.

Do You Have Crazy Ants In Your Potted Plants?

One of the first signs that crazy ants have moved onto your property is seeing this pest around your potted plants and other outdoor areas; keep in mind that they are not after the plant as much as they are looking for the insects that hang on the plants, such as aphids, as an easy food source.

In addition to seeing crazy ants in your potted plants, signs of infestation by this pest include:

  • Sightings of this pest moving erratically around your property

  • Crazy ants overrunning other outdoor garden areas

  • Electrical problems or colonies of crazy ants invading warm electric areas around your property

  • Itchy bites that are received when you are outside or come too close to an ant colony inside your property

These signs indicate that it is time to contact H-Town Home Services for crazy ant control solutions and assistance safeguarding your home against this pest.

Total Ant Control For Houston Residents

When it comes to total ant control and removing troublesome crazy ants, there is no better company to trust than H-Town Home Services. Our team dedicates themselves to correctly identifying this pest on your property, figuring out their primary colony locations, and customizing treatment plans to remove crazy ant infestations thoroughly. Plus, we will provide you with ant prevention tips and the option for ongoing pest control care so that you can ensure this pest stays away from your property no matter what.

Contact us today to learn more about our crazy ant control options or to get started removing this pest from your property.

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